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Adjunct Faculty Library Resources

This guide provides information on various library resources and tools designed to support adjunct faculty and their classes.

How do I request a library presentation or embedded librarian in the D2L?

How do I request materials for library purchase?

Can I get assistance from the librarians in preparing an assignment?

Yes, we'll be very happy to work with you to craft an assignment that would involve the use of library resources. We can review your assignment, recommend library resources, suggest modifications if necessary, and provide instructions to your class. 

How can I access library databases from off-campus?

Use your TTC Username/Password to access library databases remotely.

What are the Best Practices for Copyright in the D2L?

Should I set limits on my students' use of online sources?

During the last couple of years, students have been confused about what "online sources" mean. There are two types of "online sources" of which students should be aware. One is the Internet sources that are searchable through a free search engine, such as Google or Yahoo. Students need to carefully evaluate the authority and reliability of the information retrieved from search engines. It is advisable to set restrictions on the use of this type of information.

The other online sources are materials such as scholarly journals, some magazines and books accessible through the library's proprietary databases such as EBSCOhost Academic Search Complete, JSTOR, Business Resource Center.  TTC Library subscribes to over 70 proprietary databases, with access to millions of full-text journal articles and hundreds of e-books.

Please make sure that your students understand these databases are different from the free online sources and have the same authority as the printed original sources.