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Adjunct Faculty Library Resources

This guide provides information on various library resources and tools designed to support adjunct faculty and their classes.

What are Persistent Links?

Persistent links vs Session links

  • Persistent links are unique URLs to a resource (i.e. article, ebook, film clip).  
    • Some databases call them permalinks, others call them document links, or stable URLs
  • Session Links are the links a the top of the page and are only for that unique session.
    • URL that is in the browser address bar.

Direct links to Journal Articles

All of the library databases allow you to get persistent links to their articles, ebooks and films. Some databases call them permalinks, others call them document links, or stable URLs. The different labels all refer to the same thing; a unique link to that article or ebook.

To add a persistent link to your D2L course:

  1. Locate the unique permalink/persistent URL for the article or ebook.
  2. Go to the section of your D2L course, click Create File and click the Insert Stuff link. Then click Insert link and create the link.
  3. Paste the persistent url into the URL within the content module box.  

Contact a librarian if you need assistance.

Permalink: Linking Directly to EBSCO Articles and Ebooks

If you want to link to a specific EBSCO database article or ebook, go to the detailed record page of the item.

  • Look to the right side "tools" menu and click on the "permalink" option.
  • The URL will pop up in the box on top of the article for you to copy.
  • Note: Do not use the ONE TIME Session link (URL that is in the browser address bar).   

Permalink in Ebsco Databases

Primo Permalinks

Primo (Library Catalog) 

  • Click the title of the item in your search results.
  • On the next screen, click permalink (under Send to). 
  • Primo Permalinks
  • View Online will take you out of the catalog and into the Library Database to view the full article, ebook, film.