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Adjunct Faculty Library Resources

This guide provides information on various library resources and tools designed to support adjunct faculty and their classes.

Embedding a Librarian in your D2L Course

What is an embedded librarian?

  • An embedded librarian has access to your D2L course and can communicate directly with your student about library resources and research needs specific to your assignments.
  • An embedded librarian serves as a primary contact to your class for research assistance and to resolve access issues.
  • A librarian can be embedded in an online, traditional or hybrid course.

What does the embedded librarian need from the instructor?

  • The librarian needs permission to access your D2L course.
  • An introduction to your class and your promotion of their services to your class.
  • Information about the assignments, including due dates and research requirements (ex. Only articles in the last 5 years, APA format, no websites…)
  • The librarian needs you to direct students who are struggling with research to contact the embedded librarian.

What does the embedded librarian do?

  • The librarian is assigned to your class and is added to your D2L course.
  • The librarian reviews your assignments/due dates and creates a custom research guide, directing students to the best research tools for the assignment.
  • The librarian answers research questions in discussion boards, via email or by phone. In addition, students can arrange to meet the librarian in person for research assistance.
  • The librarian assists with developing search strategies or narrowing/broadening research topics.
  • The librarian can provide video tutorials and can assist with resolving access issues and troubleshooting.

Library Presentations

Do your students need help with their research skills? Could they benefit from an overview of library resources? 

  • TTC Librarians offer live presentations to demonstrate research strategies.
  • All classes and disciplines are welcome and we will tailor our library instruction to your needs.
  • We also offer mini sessions in your classroom for you convenience and will travel to any campus or site.
  • Presentation topics:
    • research strategies for a specific assignment
    • library orientations
    • website evaluation/improving web searches