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Open Education

This guide provides information about open access education and sources.

Important Definitions To Understand

For those new to Open Education, the terminology can be confusing. There are key differences that distinguish each term from the other. See the definitions below.

Affordable Learning Resources are quality, low- or no-cost educational resources that encourage student success while lowering student costs.  These resources include library-licensed resources, Open Educational Resources, and items freely available or in the public domain on the web.


Open Educational Resources (OER), which are teaching, learning, and research resources that are free of cost and access barriers, and which also carry legal permission for open use. They include a multitude of formats, including textbooks, full courses, modules, videos, labs, assignments, and assessments.


Open Education "encompasses resources, tools and practices that are free of legal, financial and technical barriers and can be fully used, shared and adapted in the digital environment. Open Education maximizes the power of the Internet to make education more affordable, accessible and effective." ("Open Education", Sparc)

Where Do I Start?

Interested in Affordable Learning? OER? Open Education?    --   Here are a few suggested options to get you started:


Option 1: Contact the OER Librarian, Jessica Cerny. The librarian can provide assistance in finding resources for your course(s) and/or provide guidance on where to find potential resources and answer questions you may have about the topic.

Jessica Cerny, OER Librarian -


Option 2: If you would like to see what type of resources are available, check out the available pages with links (left side menu): "OER Resources" and "PASCAL Affordable Learning Resources."  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the OER librarian mentioned in Option 1 above.


Option 3: This guide provides links to suggested videos that might answer questions and/or provide insight about OER and Affordable Learning. Check out the page "Videos about OER" (left side menu).


Getting to Know Open Education

Below are a few links to sources that offer more information about what is Open Education and potential ideas to get started: