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Veterinary Technology

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Articles, Videos, Books and Podcasts

The Rounds Blog
The Rounds is EduMed’s blog for health care students and professionals, including those in the vet tech field. Entries specifically geared toward veterinary technicians include 10 Unique Vet Tech Careers, 4 Most Popular Vet Tech Specialties, and What a Vet Wants from their Vet Tech.

Today’s Veterinary Nurse
Today’s Veterinary Nurse is the official journal of the NAVC. Visitors to the site have free access to a wide variety of resources, including articles on over 30 clinical topics, columns, and the current and past issues of the magazine. offers online access to over 1,500 veterinary ebooks, including textbooks and manuals written specifically for vet techs. There’s free access to a limited number of books, but you’ll have to purchase a premium membership to access the vast majority of titles.

Veterinary Technicians 101
Through interviews with veterinary technicians at Texas A&M University’s Small Animal Hospital, viewers learn about the academic path and career opportunities for vet tech students, as well as the day-to-day duties and responsibilities of working vet techs.

The Vet Tech Cafe’s Podcast
With 31 episodes and counting, this podcast series is dedicated to providing insight into the vet tech field through interviews with leading professionals and discussions of issues affecting vet tech and veterinary nursing practice.


Some South Carolina veterinary organizations are below:

Social Media and Online Communities

Career advice, job leads, emotional support, or social media:

  • NAVTA Facebook Page
    The official Facebook page for the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America offers visitors a great place to read and comment on association articles, view photos and videos about life as a vet tech, and more. Membership is not required.
  • r/VetTech Subreddit
    Visitors who go to this 18k-member Reddit community will find lots of great information and advice on virtually every aspect of vet tech practice you can imagine.
  • Veterinary Support Personnel Network (VSPN)
    The VSPN website acts as both an online community and information clearinghouse for veterinary support staff, including vet techs, assistants, office managers, receptionists, and others. You’ll have to join to access most of VSPN’s services, but membership is free.
  • Veterinary Technicians Life Facebook Page
    The Veterinary Technicians Life Facebook group page provides a place for its over 25,000 members from around the world to socialize, and share and discuss their experiences in taking care of animals.