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Streaming Media: Films on Demand

This guide contains links and documents to streaming media resources.

Films on Demand

Films On Demand is a streaming film database of over 17,000 educational films and documentaries. These videos can be embedded or linked within D2L, websites or presentations. 

For more information on Films on Demand, download the flyer below. 

Add Films on Demand Videos to the D2L

Instructor Benefits

Instructor Benefits:

  • Stimulate and reinforce in-class lectures or introduce a new topic
  • Encourage open discussion on key issues and topics
  • Embed persistent and authenticated video clips into D2L (Desire2Learn)
  • Create and share playlists using premade clips, full videos, or custom segments—a great way to engage students and perfect for off-hours viewing and distance learning
  • Save favorite videos to a personal folder
  • Add a personalized video introduction to any playlist to provide an overview or give context

Quiz Feature

Films on Demand has an excellent tool for remote education and assessments. This feature allows admins, teachers, and librarians to create interactive video quizzes using full videos, segments, custom content, and web channels. To create a Quiz, you must be logged in using one of the three following account types:

  1. Admin
  2. Teacher
  3. Librarian

A student account will only be able to take the Quiz assigned to them. For step-by-step instructions on creating a quiz, click here.

Student Benefits

Student Benefits:

  • Find inspiration and material for research papers and presentations
  • Captioning and interactive, searchable transcripts on all titles
  • Keyword tags for all content, linking to related material
  • Follow up on a clip used by a professor in class and watch the rest of the video
  • Get citations for all videos in MLA, CMS, Harvard, and APA formats, with up-to-date citation creation and export
  • View videos anywhere, 24/7
  • Share, save, and organize videos and playlists