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This research guide will provide suggestions for sources to assist you in your mathematics course.

Course Information

This course includes the study of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, integers, rational numbers, ratios, percents, proportions, measurement, basic statistics, geometry, and basic algebra. Concepts are applied to real-world problem solving, and application skills are emphasized. Non-Degree Credit

Below is the textbook you are using. You can access this book in the D2L course for this class.

"Developmental Mathematics, 2nd edition"  (by: D. Franklin Wright)

You will need to check Course Search to determine what instructional methods are available for the term/semester.


Instructional method codes and descriptions:


Online Course

All instruction in online courses is delivered entirely via the internet through the college’s learning management platform, Desire 2 Learn (D2L). There are no required live meetings and all materials and communication with the instructor and other students can be completed in D2L.


Individualized Study Plan

ISP courses meet in person and use computer tutorials, guided instruction, learning lab activities and self-paced lessons using a variety of media, including Internet resources.


Scheduled Online Meetings

SOM courses are live online courses that are conducted in real-time. The instructor and students are meet in videoconference sessions, which begin and end at a fixed times.



Lecture courses typically meet in person multiple times a week during fixed times..



The principal activities in a lab course are "hands on" and include observation, discussion, participation, and experimentation.


Open Lab

Open Lab courses provide flexibility for the completion of lab activities. These classes may have both an online and face-to-face component. Open Lab Hours will vary based on program. Your academic advisor or instructor will provide you with additional information.


Hybrid Course

Hybrid courses combine traditional lecture instruction with online learning (see descriptions above).

Library Resources

Library Databases Math Help


Useful websites