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Medical Assisting

What is Evidence-Based Practice?

Evidence-Based Practice (or Evidence-Based Nursing, or Evidence-Based Medicine) is "the integration of the following: 

  • best research evidence from systematic reviews 
  • clinical experience / expertise 

patient's values, preferences, concerns, and rights."*
Evidence-Based Practice Graphic

Click the links below for more detailed information and helpful examples:

The Evidence-Based Practice Tutorial for Nurses from University of Minnesota gives details and examples for each component of PICO.

The Research Pyramid & Systematic Reviews

This is an image of the Research Pyramid which displays less rigorous types of research at the bottom and the strongest at the top.

Systematic Reviews find, evaluate, and summarize several research studies in one article. They are often considered the strongest type of research you can find because each study included adds support to the findings.

Image taken from Loyola University Chicago - Health Sciences Library - Stritch School of Medicine