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How to Find TTC Green Materials in the Library: TTC Green Home

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How to Use This Guide

Use this guide to help you find information and resources in the TTC Library related to green practices and environmental sustainability.

Click the tabs above in blue for specific types of resources including books, articles in the databases and information on the web provided by the TTC Green Website.

If you have any questions, contact a librarian for help.

What is TTC Green?

TTC Green

Formed in 2009, TTC Green is a multifaceted initiative that expands Trident Technical College’s energy efficiency and sustainability efforts at all three campuses and every training site. In short, the goal behind TTC Green is to help create a sustainable future that will positively impact the college, community and beyond. Efforts feed into a larger global challenge and the emerging green economy.

TTC Green serves as an umbrella that focuses on the college’s sustainability objectives including green curricula and short-term work force training, student engagement, facilities and conservation, and public awareness.

To learn more about TTC Green, click Here.