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Primary Sources - History: Primary Sources

What are Primary Sources?

Primary Sources are first hand accounts of events. Direct evidence that was created during the actual time period.  This is different than a secondary source which is written at a later time reflecting about the event.  Primary Sources can be in the format of speeches, interviews, images, diaries, manuscripts, newspaper articles written at the time of the actual event, journals, letters, etc. 


Books written by someone during the time period of study may be used as a primary source.  For example, A book written by Dr. Martin Luther King, Thomas Jefferson. 

Books can also be used to help locate primary sources.  Select a book on your time period or topic.  Look in the Table of Contents, Indexes, Appendices, etc.  You may find content within the book (e.g. List of illustrations, images, maps, paintings, speeches, etc.).  The library has numerous Ebooks and Books in Hardcopy format.  Use one of the Ebook online databases listed below or search the library catalog for print titles.


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