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Eastside Collection: Cotton Factory/Cigar Factory

A Libguide to help people understand and appreciate the history and importance of the Eastside Community in Charleston, SC

Cotton Factory and the Lowcountry Digital History Initiative

Cotton Factory from the Lowcountry Digital History Iniatitive

Cotton Factory

Carlton, David L. Mill and Town in South Carolina 1880-1920. Louisiana State University Press, 1982. 

"Charleston Cotton Factory." Southern Patriot, 13 April 1848, p 2. - An article about the opening of the Cotton Factory bu the Charleston Cotton Factory management company.

"The Cotton Factory." Charleston Courier​. 13 April 1848, p 2. - An article about the opening of the Cotton Factory. 

Griffen, Richard. "Poor White Laborers in Southern Cotton Factories." South Carolina Historical Magazine, vol. 61 no. 1. - An article that looks at the history and hardships of working in a cotton factory, like the Charleston Cotton factory

"Strike in Charleston." The State, 30 Aug. 1892, p 4. - An article about a strike by white workers in the Cotton factory over an alleged assault by African-American workers on a white worker.


Cigar Factory

Cigar Factory in 2013

Cigar Factory of the Past

"Big Cigar Factory is Sold." The State, 3 July 1908. - An article about the selling of the Cigar Factory and it's new direction.

"Local Cigar Factory Hires 25 New Workers Each Week." News and Courier, 27 June 1931. -  Article about hiring for the new Cigar factory.

"Roi-Tans Made in Charleston." The State and Columbia Record, 1 Aug. 1963. - An article about the type of cigars made in the Cigar Factory. 


Moore, Michelle. Cigar Factory: A Novel of Charleston. University of South Carolina Press, 2016.

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Cigar Factory Now

Behre, Robert. "Clemson Program finds a Home: Cigar Factory to House Architecture Center that Spurred Design Despute." Post and Courier, 22 January, 2016, p B1. - An article that talks about Clemson deciding to house their architecture center in the Cigar Factory instead of a new building.

McDermott, John. "Cigar Factory gets ready for next act." Post and Courier, 19 October, 2014 pp F1+F5. - An article on the renovation of the Cigar Factory.

Segrist, Liz. "Snapcap to Double Team, Relocate to Cigar Factor." Charleston Regional Business Journal, vol 21, no 4, 2015, p. 14, Accessed 5, July 2017. - An article about the Snapcap reloacting their business to the Cigar Factory.