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How to Use Ebsco eBooks: FAQs

Information on how to search, read records, download, and read books in the Ebsco eBook collection

Frequently Asked Questions about Ebsco eBooks

How long can I check out an EBSCO eBook?

You can download and access an eBook for a period of days. Each eBook has a particular check out duration depending on its publisher. The typical max check out duration is 7 days.

Can I check out an eBook multiple times?

Yes. You can check out and download eBooks multiple times.

Can I use eBooks as sources for research papers?

Yes. You can use eBooks as sources. EBSCO eBooks are typically the exact content as print versions. Check with your professor regarding other source requirements.

Do I need to download software to read an EBSCO eBook on my PC or Mac? 

No. You can read eBooks in your browser with the EBSCO eBook database.

What devices can I read an EBSCO eBook on? 

EBSCO eBooks can be read on: PC, Mac, iPad, Kindle Fire, Nook, iPhone, Android, and other mobile smart devices. 

What iPhone/iPad and Android apps will open EBSCO eBooks?
  • Click here for a list of popular iPhone & iPad apps.
  • Click here for a list of popular Android apps.