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TTC Digital Archives Spotlights: TTC Library Research Guides

The digital collections support the mission of the Library by providing access to items of historical significance to the TTC community by promoting intellectual growth and cultural development of TTC students, faculty and staff.

TTC Digital Archives

Below are some spotlight articles from the TTC Digital Archives that contains many items of significance that tell the story of Trident Technical College. Some of these items are the Area Commission Meeting Minutes, Alumni Newsletters, Building Dedications, College President Photos, Graduation Bulletins, Yearbooks, and Newsletters. They can be looked at further here.

TTC Digital Archives Spotlight

Black History Month 1979 at the TTC Library

1969 T.E.C Holiday Party

The 1969 T.E.C. Holiday Party from the Yearbooks collection.

Spotlight on Vets

Spotlight on Vets

We turn the spotlight to an 1973 article here related to Vietnam Veterans - their education benefits along with the hurdles to their college education.

1975; Halloween; Dance; TTC; College

1975 Halloween Boogie Ball

The 1975 TTC Halloween Boogie Ball was the highest attended TTC event up to this time.

Spring Fling (1977)

Trident Technical College once had a Spring Fling activities. Here is more information about it.

Spring Fling Coming Soon

Women's History Month (1987)

The first Women's History Month was designated for March of 1987. In that year TTC celebrated the month as well. More can be read here.

Women's History Month (1987)

Black History Month (1979)

A Black Month History display was created by library staff members at the North Campus Library in February 1979 to show pictures of Black leaders in many occupations, as well as selected books written by and about Blacks Americans. Read the article from the February 1979 student newspaper here.

Martin Luther King Jr. Service Award (2009)

In honor of Martin Luther King (MLK) Day, the library takes a look back at student newspaper issue from 2009 when a TTC faculty member, Dr. Donald West, was presented with a MLK award at The Citadel.

Front profile picture of Dr. Donald West. History instructor at TTC. Photo by TTC Marketing.


1969 T.E.C. Holiday Party

To view the T.E.C. Holiday Party from 1969, select here or the photo below.

Veterans Spotlight

We turn the spotlight to an 1973 article here related to Vietnam Veterans - their education benefits along with the hurdles to their college education.

Spotlight on Vets

1975 Halloween Boogie Ball

Believe it or not, in 1975 Trident Technical College had a "Fall Dance" called the "Halloween Boogie Ball". It was the college's best attended social function up to that date. You can read the brief article here in the Student Newspapers collection.

1975; Halloween; Dance; TTC; College

Measles: Not a Childish Issue

Since there is a lot of attention on vaccines in the last year, due to the pandemic, it is interesting to look back at how others at Trident Technical College saw another highly contagious disease. Select here to read the entire article in one of the TTC Student Newspapers from 1985.

Measles - Not a Childish Issue


What Are They Doing Now?

This month in 2001, TTC had an alumni newsletter that showed the before and after photos of former Mechanical Engineering students who designed and built the replica of the Civil War submarine H.L. Hunley. The world's first successful combat submarine. You can see their photos from 1967 and 2001 here.

1971 TTC Yearbook Graduates

Fifty years ago, (August 1971), over 200 graduates received their diplomas. You can look at this 1971 Trident Tech yearbook here, and many other Trident Tech related yearbooks here, including the Palmer College yearbooks (Palmer College merged with BCD-TEC on July 1, 1973 to become Trident Technical College).


Digital Archives Spotlight

From the Archives: Spring Fling Dance - One To Remember!

The July 1978 Trident Tech student newspaper reported on the "Spring Fling Dance" that the college had at the time. Select the article below to read more about it.

Digital Archives Spotlight

From the Archives: Palmer Campus Faculty Wins Olympics

by Valarie Jenkins, MLIS on June 4th, 2021 | Comments

On May 23, 1975, the TTC Olympics were held on the Palmer Campus. "The Untouchables" a team composed of faculty members from Palmer Campus were the overall winners. For more details on this event, check out the article here in our TTC Archives.

Digital Archives Spotlight

From the Archives: Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Technical Education Center (BCD-TEC) Student Newspaper TEC-SET

by Valarie Jenkins, MLIS on May 11th, 2021 | Comments

Click here to view TEC-SET, the first student newspaper of the TEC. It was published on May 20, 1966. The TEC is what many called the Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Technical Education Center (BCD-TEC). Trident Technical College was formed in 1973 from the merger of the BCD-TEC and Palmer College.

Digital Archives Spotlight

From the Archives: Groundbreaking Ceremony for TTC's new Learning Resource Center

by Valarie Jenkins, MLIS on April 8th, 2021 | Comments

Check out this photo of the groundbreaking ceremony for Trident's new Learning Resource Center in April 1994. You can check out the full March/April 1994 issue of The Trident Times this picture appears in here.

Digital Archives Spotlight

From the Archives: Mary Dellamura (aka Dr. Thornley) .....

by Valarie Jenkins, MLIS on March 4th, 2021 | Comments

View this article from the March 4, 1985 issue of the Trident Times on Dr. Thornley and her discussing teaching. 

Digital Archives Spotlight

From the Archives: TTC Celebrates Black History Week

by Valarie Jenkins, MLIS on February 17th, 2021 | Comments

In 1985, TTC celebrated “Black History Week” from February 18-22. Dignitaries were on campus in Building 100 to speak for the opening activities. Attendees included: The Honorable Herbert Fielding, S.C. senator; Lt. James Godard of the U.S. Air Force Chief; Reuben Greenberg, chief of police, city of Charleston; Dr. Gwendoly Todd Jones, Pediatrician; Lt. Harold Kennell, U.S. Navy; Mr. Montez Martin, a member of TTC's Area Commission; Dr. Elise Davis-McFarland, Vice President for Public Affairs, Charleston Chamber of Commerce; The Honorable Arthur McFarland, Charleston Municipal judge; Mr. William Saunders, President and General Manager of WPAL radio station (former local radio station).

You can go back in time to read the article here.

Digital Archives Spotlight

From the Archives: Starbuck talks with TTC students (December 1976)

by Valarie Jenkins, MLIS on December 2nd, 2020 | Comments



In December 1976, Starbuck, a rock band from the 1970s, talked with students of The Trident Times (TTC student newspaper). One of the group’s hit songs is “Moonlight Feels Right”. To read about Starbuck’s chat with students, click here.

Digital Archives Spotlight

From the Archives: Thank Goodness for Thanksgiving (1986)

by Valarie Jenkins, MLIS on November 20th, 2020 | Comments

Many of you may not know that TTC has an archive. The Library maintains this archive that provides access to TTC important historical documents. These documents include Alumni Newsletters, Area Commission Meetings Minutes, Graduation Bulletins, and other items. Periodically, we will be featuring pieces from the archives. Below you will find an article that was featured in the November 1986 edition of the Trident Times, which was the student newspaper.

With Thanksgiving approaching, many of us are pondering the things in which we are thankful. To help celebrate, here’s an article from the TTC Archives titled Thank Goodness for Thanksgiving including a poem “Make Us Thankful” both by D. Evelyn Boyd.

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