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Affordable Learning @ TTC: Sciences

Highlighting various Initiatives using no cost and/or lower costs alternatives to textbooks.



Effective Fall, 2020, students taking BIO 225 (Microbiology) began using an Open textbook.  The Costs of previously adopted textbooks (lecture and lab manual) were approximately $246.50 per student. 

Dr. Laurence C. Neely, Department Head of Biological Sciences is a strong advocate for Open Access free course materials. 

“Equal access to education at an affordable price is near and dear to my heart.  As a student that was financially responsible for paying for my own education, I know how important it is to have an affordable cost for a text.  A student should not have to decide between buying a text to complete a course or paying for everyday living expenses. The science department is committed to reducing the cost of text and supplies to reduce barriers to education. Reducing the cost of the text and supplies makes education more affordable to all,  and truly moves us toward equal access to higher education as a society. ” Dr. Laurence C. Neely, MD


Dr. Neely


Department faculty followed his lead and, as a team, searched, evaluated and ultimately adopted an OpenStax textbook for BIO 225.  The textbook is free and available electronically through TTC's library catalog.  Students also access it through a link placed in their D2L course shell.   The Library also has a print copy on reserve for in house use.  Students, if they prefer, may order a print copy directly from the publisher for a nominal fee. 

Microbiology Instructors:  Dawn Heldreth, Dr. Maureen Whitehurst, Dr. Lynne Hinkey, Dr. Angela Edwards