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TTC Library "How To"

Use Boolean Operators in your search

Boolean Operators (AND, OR, NOT)

AND finds both terms, OR finds one or both, NOT finds one term, but excludes the other

Using Limits to refine your Search

Limit your Search to Academic Journals

Limit your Search to Academic Journals

Limiting your search to Academic journals helps you eliminate news articles, book reviews, magazines and trade publications. Keep in mind that you may want to look at newspaper articles too.

Limit your search by Subject

Limit your Search by Subject

Limiting the search by subject will help you find articles with your search terms as a primary focus of the article.

Image of Session link vs Permalink

Session link vs Permalink

The Permalink is the permanent link to the article. To access the Permalink, click the link icon at the bottom of the green box in the image. Then copy the permalink. (Do not use the one time Session Link at the top of the page. It will not bring you back to the article.)