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How to Get Off-Campus (Remote) Access to Library Resources: Off-Campus (Remote) Access for Distance Learners

Use this guide to get started with research from any off-campus location.

Accessing Library Resources While Off-Campus

The library not only provides print resources, but it also provides online access to books, magazines, journals, newspapers, and videos, all of which can be accessed while off-campus. 

When accessing library resources from an off-campus location, you will be prompted to enter your 7 digit student id number (including the zero).  This number can be found in your account. Choose "Academic Profile" under TTC Express and select "My profile". When logging into the Library catalog (Encore), the password/pin number is the last 4 digits of this student id number.

Visit the library's complete list of databases.


Research Help

If you have any questions about research or resources you can:

  1. 843-574-6096  Main
  2. 843-722-5540  Palmer
  3. 843-899-8055  Berkeley