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Request a book from a TTC Library

Students can now pickup books at any TTC campus.

1) Search the TTC Libraries for an available book.

2) Click the title and click the "sign in" button. 



3) Enter your TTC Email / Password

4) Select a Campus for pickup.

5) An email will be sent when the item is ready for pickup.

6) Books can be picked up and returned to any TTC campus.

Borrow from Other SC Libraries

Borrow from other SC Libraries through PASCAL Delivers.

1) Search the TTC Libraries for an available book.

2) If a book is not available at TTC, select PASCAL Delivers from the dropdown menu on the right of the search bar.

Pascal Delivers Search

3) Select a book title and sign in.

4) Click the Request via PASCAL Delivers button.

Request button

5) Choose a Campus for your pickup location.

6) Once the book arrives at the the campus you've chosen,  you will be notified via email that it is available.

7) Borrowed items can be returned to any TTC Campus.

Borrowing Books from Other SC Libraries