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Library Policies: Library Policies

Policies and procedures related to visiting TTC Libraries and using its resources


Welcome to Trident Technical College's Library Policies page. Here you will find policies and procedures related to visiting TTC Libraries and using its resources. Please use the tabs above for navigation.

Mission Statement

The Trident Technical College Learning Resources Center provides resources and services that are relevant to the nature and needs of TTC’s students, curriculum and instructional programs and that promote intellectual growth and cultural development of TTC students, faculty and staff.

Operational Goals: 

  • Organize and manage the Learning Resources program for minimum effort on the part of the user to access resources and acquire services at the point of need, on or off campus.
  •  Acquire and prepare for use a balanced collection of learning resources that truly reflects the needs of the College by involving faculty, staff and students in the selection process.
  •  Assist students, faculty and staff in the effective use of Learning Resources through a strong information literacy and reference program.
  •  Provide opportunities for each Learning Resources' staff member to grow personally and professionally.
  •  Create an atmosphere in which persons in all areas of Learning Resources participate in the overall direction of the program.
  •  Promote a strong liaison with intracollege departments and local and state organizations and colleges for coordination and exchange of resources, services and ideas.
  •  Evaluate on a continuing basis all Learning Resources' activities for effectiveness.