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Reserves for Faculty/Staff: Home

Describes process for placing items on temporary reserve at Trident Technical College Libraries.

General Information

The Trident Technical College Library staff offer a reserve service that provides temporary access to limited resources.  These resources may be original library or personally-owned resources. All reserve materials must contain a notice of copyright and comply with federal copyright laws and restrictions. Institutional faculty and staff are required to adhere to the TTC policy for Duplication and Use of Copyrighted Material.


Resources may be in various formats, including books, DVDs, VHS tapes, audiocassettes, magazines, and journals; however, reference books should not generally be placed on reserve. Additionally, consumable resources such as workbooks and standardized tests may not be photocopied.


Photocopies and copyright

·    Repetitive photocopying over multiple semesters requires written permission from the copyright owner.

·    Per copyright rules, consumables (ex. workbooks, standardized tests) cannot be copied.


Library Specialist (Circulation)

Steps for Placing Items on Reserve

To effectively manage access to reserves, users are asked to: (1) read the Reserves Process, (2) read the Steps for Placing An Item on Reserve, and (3) complete the Reserve Request Form.