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General Information

Use this guide to help you get started finding research information and resources related to the LRC's Reference Collection. 

Books for this subject area can be found in the Reference collections of each library.  On Main Campus,  the Reference section is found on the first floor.  Most books in this section will have REF. at the end of the call number.

Generally speaking, libraries don't check out (circulate) printed reference books.  They must be used inside the library.  However, we do have a large collection of online reference resources, some of which you'll see by clicking the "Online Books" tab above.

If you have any questions about research or resources, contact a librarian for help.

General Subject Areas in the Library

Like the books in the general collection, the reference books at the LRC are filed using the Library of Congress (LC) classification system.  The difference is that the reference books will usually have the REF. label at the end of the call number.  Also, in the online catalog, the location will be listed as REFERENCE.

Below are the general subject areas found in the reference area:

    • A        General Works
    • B-BJ    Philosophy, Psychology, Ethics, Etiquette
    • BL-BX  Religion
    • C        History - Biographies
    • D        History - General & Old World
    • E-F      History - Americas
    • G        Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
    • H        Social Sciences
    • HB-HJ  Economics, Business
    • J         Political Science, Treaties
    • KF       Law of the United States
    • L         Education
    • M        Music
    • N        Fine Arts
    • P        Language & Literature
    • PS      American Literature
    • Q        Science
    • R        Medicine
    • RT      Nursing
    • S        Agriculture
    • T        Technology
    • U-V     Military, Naval Science
    • Z         Bibliography, Graphic Arts, Library Science