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Spanish Resources: Magazine/Journal Articles

Database Information

Most of the journals and magazines available through the TTC Library can be found in our online databases.  The articles here are primarily digital duplicates of the print versions.  They are not considered "online sources" in the way that articles pulled from the Internet are.

The primary database company we use is called EbscoHost.  Below you will find instructions on translating the articles you find in EbscoHost databases into Spanish.

Translating an EbscoHost Database Article

To translate the full text of an article:

  1. From the article detail, select Espanol/Spanish from the Choose Language drop-down list.

  2. Click Translate. The full text of the article is presented in the language you selected. 

    Translating the Full Text

  3. To return to English, click Return.

 Note: If you print, e-mail or save the full text, it will be delivered in the language of the database. However, you can print the translated text using your browser's Print function.

How Automatic Translation Software Works

Automatic translation software systems use sophisticated translation technology with comprehensive dictionaries and a collection of linguistic rules that translate one language into another without relying on human translators.

An automatic translation software system interprets the structure of sentences in the source language (the language the user is translating from) and generates a translation based on the rules of the target language (the language the user is translating to). The process involves breaking down complex and varying sentence structures; identifying parts of speech; resolving ambiguities; and synthesizing the information into the components and structure of the new language.

Machine translation is considered a “gisting” application, producing translations that enhance the end-user’s understanding of the original document. It does not produce the same level of translation that a human translator could provide.

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