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MGT101 Principles of Management Course Resources (J.Jones): Articles/Databases

Online resources for MGT 101 taught by Instructor Janet Jones. This libguide is based on the assignments for this specific class.

Recommended Article Databases for MGT101

The following databases contain materials that are helpful in understanding and keeping up-to-date on business issues:  news articles, market info, company info, etc.

*Off Campus: you will need your TTC Username and Password.

Additional Databases

Video Tutorials

Check out the TTC Library Orientation guide to learn how to access more of the library resources.

Database Searching Tips

Database searching can be refined to provide better results

When using search terms:

1 - Try placing phrases in quotation marks (").
      ex. search "radical marketing" instead of just typing in radical

2 - Search similar or related words.
      ex. "Conflict Resolution"
            "Dealing with Conflicts" 

3 - Combine searches
      ex.  "Conflict Resolutions" AND Managers

4 - Search for alternative word endings using an asterisk (*) at the end of
     the word root.  ex. manufactur* will retrieve manufacture,
      manufactures, manufacturing, manufactured, etc.

5 - Break down topics. ex. Topic: Motivating Different Generations of
      Employees.  Search -  "Employee Motivation" AND "Generation Y" 
                                        "Incentives AND "Baby Boomers"  

6 - Always check your spelling. Some databases do this automatically. Others do not.  If your search words result in zero hits, incorrect spelling may be the cause.