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English 202 -- American Literature II: English 202--American Literature II

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If you have any questions about research or resources, contact a librarian for help. 


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A good source for writing help is The Owl at Purdue, Purdue University’s Writing Center.  This site walks you through the complete writing process

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Books related to American Literature can generally be found in the PS1 -- PS3626 call number range. Search the library's online catalog to find books, dvds, and other resources in the library.

Subject-Specific Databases for Literature

Biography Resource Center

JSTOR (Journal Storage)  
Literary Reference Center  
Literature Criticism Online  
Literature Resource Center  

 (Note:  A TTC ID card is needed for off-campus access). 

English 202 Suggested Websites

The following Internet links are to literature, art, and cultural resources that will enhance your experience of the American literature you read and discuss in class.

Yale Library Research Workshop African-American Theater

American Regionalist Artists:

American Theater:

Annenberg CPB, American Passages: A Literary Survey:

City Lights Bookstore:

Indiana University of Bloomington Library, Film Studies:

Library of Congress:

Library of Congress, American Memory:

National Archives, Exhibit Hall:

Norton Anthology of American Literature (our textbook):

U.S. Popular Culture Web links:

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