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HOS 132--Presentation Assignment: HOS 132--Agnew

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If you have any questions about research or resources you can:

  1. 843-574-6096  Main
  2. 843-722-5540  Palmer
  3. 843-899-8055  Berkeley




Helpful Online Sites

Please remember that when you are doing research in an academic or a work setting, you always need to evaluate Internet sites you will use.




Project Description:

By focusing on nonprofit organizations in the hospitality and tourism industry, this project introduces the concept of giving back, or volunteerism, for hospitality and culinary students.  For this project, you will identify a local, regional or national nonprofit organization that exemplifies the type of group that you might someday consider working with as a leader or volunteer.   In final presentations incorporating the skills developed in this class, you will share information about the many opportunities in the community for giving back and making an impact in your area of interest.

The project consists of three sections:

1.  Written paper.

2.  Power point presentation.

3.  Oral presentation incorporating the written paper and power point. 

Written Paper:

  1. All work should be original.  Your paper should be a minimum of five typed, double-spaced pages (including the cover page and works cited page) with introductory paragraph, body of text and conclusion incorporating the following suggested information:
  2. Nonprofit or foundation name and contact information with brief history of why it was established.
  3. Description of the organization’s mission and chief beneficiaries.
  4. Projects, events, operations and community involvement efforts.
  5. Major supporters and sponsors.
  6. Your personal statement of interest in program - explain why this particular organization appeals to you and why you believe in it or how you are involved with it personally. This statement should be a minimum of 200 words.
  7. Use Times New Roman 12-point font, with one-inch margins, reflecting proper use of grammar, punctuation and professional formatting.  There should be no grammar check or spell check error messages visible in the paper, confirming that you have proofread carefully and made corrections prior to submission.
  8. Cover page is required with your name, organization, course number as well as a works cited page summarizing all references used in the paper.
  9. See the D2L project evaluation guidelines for specific grading requirements.

Power Point:

Prepare a power point presentation for use in your oral presentation to share the organization’s profile with the class.

  1. Include a cover page and works cited page in the power point.  Also, include a minimum of three different types of sources such as books, research articles, internet, interviews, video clips, etc. NOTE:  Wikipedia is not an acceptable academic reference source.
  2. Include website links, photos and other visuals reflecting the work of the organization, community events, or your activities with the organization.
  3. Follow the written paper outline above and include a minimum of ten slides.

Oral Presentation:

1.  Dress professionally (interview or formal workplace attire).

2.  Presentation should be a minimum of ten minutes.

3.  Submit written paper and power point presentations in D2L dropboxes.

4.  Flash drives and web-based access such as Prezi should be approved in advance.

5.  Completed project is required in order to receive a successful grade for the course.

Suggested Organizations: 

The following list includes suggested nonprofit organizations and foundations; please feel free to choose others that have personal meaning for you.

  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Amnesty International
  • American Heart Association or Lung or Cancer or Diabetes Organizations
  • American Red Cross
  • United Breast Cancer Foundation or Charleston Breast Cancer Survivors
  • YMCA or YWCA
  • Slow Food International
  • Lowcountry Food Bank
  • Lowcountry Local First
  • Trident United Way
  • Louis’ Kids
  • Feed the Need
  • Teach the Need
  • Second Harvest
  • Camp Happy Days
  • Charleston Humane Society
  • Boys and Girls Club of America
  • East Cooper Community Outreach
  • Low Country Orphan Relief
  • East Cooper Meals on Wheels
  • Charleston Orphan House
  • Crisis Ministries
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Dee Norton Lowcountry Children’s Center
  • Make a Wish Foundation
  • Charitable Society of Charleston
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Feed the Children
  • SC Sustainable Seafood Initiative
  • Volunteers of America
  • Big Sisters and Big Brothers Foundation
  • Sierra Club
  • Darkness to Light
  • The Sustainability Institute


Search the library's online catalog to find books, dvds, and other resources in the library related to your presentation topic.  Books which can be checked out of the library are located on the second floor (at Main).

Search using your person's name or a related topic.  For example, if you've picked the organization The Sustainability Institute, you could search using the organization's name or, perhaps, the term "sustainability." You might also try "volunteers" or "volunteering."

Any organization's name may be entered in a book search; however if you are looking particularly for lowcountry organizational info, you might want to try the Charleston County Public Library.

Subject Specific Databases

The following electronic databases are available through the TTC Library. Additional databases are found on the Library Database Page. When accessing library resources from an off-campus location, you will be prompted to enter your 7 digit student id number (including the zero).  In the Portal, the number can be located by choosing "My Information" and selecting "My Profile". The number is located underneath your name.

Films on Demand

You can find 1000's of film clips in the LRC's Films on Demand database.  They can be added to Power Point presentations as desired.


Google Scholar

Make Your Power Point Pop

To brush up on your skills in using PowerPoint for Presentations, you can take a look at this section from the Library's Learning Express database.

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